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5-Surface Well Control Equipment Policy & Procedures Diverter Policy Mandatory when: offshore and no BOP nippled up onshore if shallow gas expected Minimum WP: 200 psi (land rigs) 300 psi (offshore, barge) Minimum line diameter: 10 offshore ( 2 lines)

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Standpipe Pressure SUBSEA_BOP_TO_SURFACE_ANNULUS_STROKE_COUNT Nuer of strokes from subsea BOP to surface through choke line SUBSEA_BOP_TO_SURFACE_ANNULUS_TIME Time to circulate from subsea BOP to surface through the

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intervals, until final circulating pressure is reached. 5) Record I.C.P. in top right column, and deduct pressure ∆P until F.C.P. is reached. 6) Calculate adjusted choke line friction (Kill Mud). 7) Calculate complete circulation, in strokes and time. + Bit to Surface =


CO15: Abnormal Pressure Warning Signs CO16: Kick Detection CO17: Choke Line Friction and Fluid Densities CO18: Equivalent Circulating Density and Bottomhole Pressure CO19: Riser Margin CO20: Gas Behavior CO21: Shallow Subsea and Fracture

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I. 4, 4 Methods for Measuring Choke Line Friction Pressure (CLFP) 2.0 PREVENTION 2.1 RESPONSIBILITIES 2. Offshore Installation Manager (01M) .


Wells Standard Document Nuer Page 1 of 2 Release Date Title of Manual Revision Nuer The controlled version of this “Business Control Document” resides online in Livelink(register mark

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Close BOP. Close choke. 13. When drilling with a surface BOP how should the stack and choke manifold be set up for a soft shut-in? (THREE ANSWERS) Remote choke open. BOP side outlet hydraulic valve open. Remote choke closed. Choke line open 14.

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Cameron pressure control equipment integrates highly tested material and superior engineering—along with a century of experience and the reliability that comes with it. Reliably secure your well with the Cameron difference Learn about our comprehensive

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The BOP stack, choke and kill lines shall be flushed with water prior to testing (for subsea BOP stack, after the first installation, the tests may be performed using the actual fluid in hole). If a heavy mud, loaded with large amounts of solids is used, particular care in flushing of lines and valves is required.

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a. Bottom hole pressure b. Casing shoe pressure c. Shut-in casing pressure d. Gas bubble pressure 76. For a long logging operation what should be installed on the drill pipe/shooting nipple? a. FOSV with wire line BOP b. Inside BOP 77. A well was shut in on a

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GSI has pressure control packages suitable for both electric line and slickline support. We can support your land, inland, shelf, and deepwater needs both domestically and internationally. Experienced in PCE and wireline operations, our technicians understand what it takes to be successful.


and well control elements that are enlighten and discussed in this report are the effect of a quick BOP closure, a simulation in the program Drillbench Kick has been conducted to reveal the friction pressure loss in choke line for

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A high-pressure pipe leading from an outlet on the BOP stack to the backpressure choke and associated manifold. Choke Line A set of high-pressure valves and associated piping that usually includes at least two adjustable chokes, arranged such that one adjustable choke may be isolated and taken out of service for repair and refurbishment while well flow is directed through the other one.

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When . . . The minimum BOP stack must include . . . (1) The expected pressure is less than 5,000 psi, Three BOPs consisting of an annular, one set of pipe rams, and one set of blind-shear rams. (2) The expected pressure is 5,000 psi or greater or you use

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Wireline bop blowout preventer is a kind of wireline valve is also named as slickline bop blowout preventer, it is often placed on the surface oilfield between wellhead and lubrior when provide blowout protection, wireline operation, slickline operation, braided line

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17/3/2015· The valves in the choke line 25 is opened on the subsea BOP to the high pressure (HP) choke line 24 and the bottom hole pressure controlled by the adjustable choke 22 on top of the coke line on the drilling vessel above the body of water.

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Flexible Lines (Blowout Preventer (BOP) Hydraulic Control Line and Flexible Choke Kill Line)features resistance to high-pressure, fire-resistance, heat-insulation and …

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A high-pressure line that allows fluids to be pumped into or removed from the well with the BOPs closed. choke/kill manifold An assely of valves, chokes, gauges, and lines used to control the rate of flow and pressure from the well when the BOPs are closed.

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Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) was introduced in 2000 as an adative drilling technology for pricely controlling the pressure profile in the wellbore. Utilizing applied surface pressure, MPD provides an addition degree of freedom in the design and drilling of wells.

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Mud pump Lanzhou Compound Transmission Unit Lanzhou Mast Lanzhou Substructures Lanzhou LS-NOW BPM Control System for Surface Mounted BOP Stacks BPM Top drive BPMF/BPM(Beijing Petroleum) Renqiu Boke(Forward) Hysun Marine


These friction pressure losses occurs in the pipes on the rig, in the kill and choke line and in annulus in both relief well and the blowing well. Different simulation tools has been used to run simulations to find out how the friction pressure is affected by water depth (length of kill and choke line), ID; [Internal Diameter] size on kill and choke line and mud-type used.

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BOP Blow Out Preventer Control Systems, oil and gas industry. Monitor System''s BOP Blow Out Preventer Control System provides clients with a highly reliable interface to well control, comprising a unique slim-line panel design developed using the very latest in

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Choke Line Friction (CLFP) • Used to determine the amount by which the casing pressure is to be adjusted to maintain BHP = FP when starting the pumps on a kill operation. We reduce the SICP by the amount of CLFP to make allowances for the back pressure imposed by the CLFP.

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We are seeking to optimize BOP test times by simultaneously testing the choke manifold at surface and the BOP downhole within the same test. An issue that we face is that for some tests, the Maximum Anticipated Pressure at surface plus the hydrostatic of the fluid in the choke lines exceeds 15,000 psi INTERNAL pressure downhole (rated working pressure of the BOP).

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The internal pressure connection line 520 of the internal pressure supply unit 500 is connected to the auxiliary line 221 of the riser 220 and is connected to the internal pressure of the BOP bore hole 201 through the kill line and the choke line 205, May be