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3.3.2 Two and one-half inch fire hose and hose valve manifolds on the vessel and dry dock or marine railway so that all parts of the vessel and dry dock or marine railway can be reached by at least 2, one and one-half inch or one and three-quarter inch 100-foot

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BS336 Fire hose fittings BS336 ''Instantaneous'' fire hose couplings are the standard low pressure fire hose fitting for UK fire brigades and all fire related installations. BS336 Instantaneous fire couplings are also used by utility companies and contractors who obtain water from mains hydrants.

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The hose kit that was chosen after the evaluation is the FDNY highrise or standpipe kit – which originated within the Fire Department of the City of New York. As shown in photo 1, this kit comprises a 65-millimetre (2 ½-inch) hose packaged in three separate 15-metre (50-foot) bundles.

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Change Threads From NPT Pipe To Fire Hose This adapter let''s you hook your fire hose into standard pipe threads. It''s one of the most popular and common way to change threads. Simply screw it on, and you''re ready to go. Hook it into pumps, valves, hydrants

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Collection of 4 vintage / antique fire hose nozzles, all of the nozzles appear to be brass ( the silver one looks to be chrome plaited brass) The smallest nozzle is 8 inches and the largest is 12 inches. The smallest nozzle has no maker mark but the other 3 do : The

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This friction loss calculator is used to determine the friction loss on one (or more) 100 foot section of 1.25 inch fire hose. How to use: The left column lists the gallons per minute (GPM).The right column is the friction loss (FL), measured in PSI (for each 100'' section fire hose).), measured in PSI (for each 100'' section fire hose).

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2/11/2011· For some reason, the fire hose industry has been allowed some leniency as it relates to the actual inside diameter of 1 3¾-inch hose. Some manufacturers have increased the size while still

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This can be used to pump two 2½- or 3-inch lines to supply a large-diameter hose. When maximizing the pump capacity of your apparatus and you run out of discharges, don’t forget the deck gun

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Pin-Lug Fire-Fighting Hose Fittings The pin lugs on these fittings allow for easy gripping, so you can quickly connect to fire hydrants and washdown equipment. They swivel until tightened for easier installation than other fire hose fittings.

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A hose cart and twelve hundred feet of two and a half inch hose was procured in May 1909. It was kept at the homes of the firemen until a firehouse was built in Deceer 1912. On Noveer 1, 1918 the City replaced the hose cart with a motorized hose and chemical truck.

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13/11/2004· Hose size and nozzle types are tools in the toolbox. No one setup is "best" for all fires. You can use a booster line on any fire and eventually it will put out the fire. Might not be much of the structure left, but the fire will be out. The secret of good fire fighting is


At least fifty feet of approved two and one-half inch rubber lined hose equipped with a one and one-eighth inch nozzle shall be connected to the highest two and one-half inch hose outlet valve. One of these asselies shall be connected in parallel for each two hundred fifty gpm of rated pump capacity.

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An improved nozzle for a portable air/water fire extinguisher which includes a head portion having a plurality of small openings to result in a fog spray permitting better fire extinguishing and longer operating times for the extinguisher.

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Fire Hose Nozzles and Accessories Fire Shelters Chest Harnesses Fire Pumps Weather and Wind Meters Skid Units Eye Protection Bourkes & EZ-Flips Faceshields and Visors Goggles Goggle Accessories Safety Glasses Sunglasses Cleaners Head Lamps

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5/4/2004· Not to sound like an old guy or anything but in my time as a volly here we have gone from 1 inch boosters to 1 1/2 inch to 1 3/4 inch to now 2 inch. Flow was the reason. We are now an FD that uses 1" forestry hose for brush fires, 2 inch for all other fire attack, 3 inch for water supply and feeding our preconnected rear step stinger, and 5 inch for water supply.

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5--An adapter to connect male hose thread to half-inch internal pipe threads. 6--A PUC coupling and elbow with half-inch internal pipe threads on one side. 7--A back-flow preventer for a hose bib.

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When two hoses attack the fire together, the ATL directs both 4. If two hoses attack a fire independently, you need two ATLs How many Attack team mebers are required per 1 1/2 inch hose? Minimum of 2 hoseman per hose and a nozzle man at the fireplug( 3


Three two-wheel carts with fire hoses attached, made up the essential part of the fire-fighting equipment. The carts were stationed in Greentown, Rivesville Proper, and Highlawn. Upon hearing the alarm, the carts from the other sections were pulled to the scene of the fire and all joined forces to end the destruction of the flames.

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THORNADO 2 Inch High Pressure Fire Fighting Twin Impeller Pump Kit The Thornado 2 complete set of alluminium alloy twin impeller and aluminium alloy volute, silicon carbide mechanical seal, high quality elastomers and seals, hose fittings and strainer.This 2

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Fundamentals of Fire Fighting Chapter 17 (Fire Attack and Foam) Large-diameter hose 50 feet Between 60 and 125gpm Between 120 and 180gpm Used to …

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23/5/2009· So you will not be putting 250 gpm through an inch and a half line reguardless of the pressure. 2nd. If the pluing on the pumper, the lines and the nozzle are right, you can get 150 gpm from a fog nozzle on the end of a 200 foot long hose lay.


This can be used as a fire hose, irragation,moving water,boat dock lining etc(THE PICTURE SHOWS A 50FT RUBBER LINED HOSE) I also have NEW fire hoses like this one in 50,75 and 100ft sizes. Also have NEW 50 and 100ft single jacket RUBBER LINED Hose and NEW 50 and 100ft rubberlined DOUBLE Jacket fire hose.Also carry US Forestry service grade 1 inch hose in 50 and 100 ft lengths.

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Used Scott dual EBSS hose [ 25 Available ] (A2507) $50.00 New Used Scott AV3000 Facemask [15 available] (A2511) $799.00 New Explore our listings of loose and miscellaneous fire fighting equipment and tools. Navigation Home Search Client Testimonials

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Define the fire hose appliion. A 100-foot, 3-inch-diameter fire hose is being tested for use to drain a large swimming pool using a pump that delivers 55 psi. You can calculate the flow through the fire hose with this information.

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A hose configuration that would be employed at an apartment or condominium complex, for example, was 200 feet of 3-inch supply hose, connected to a gated-wye, supplying two 13/4-inch fire attack

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All synthetic jacket totally encapsulated in a synthetic rubber blend three layered heavy duty fire fighting Delivery Hose The delivery hose pipe is durable & heavy duty pipe. Inside lining is of special grade synthetic rubber used to form a high quality unified lining & covered resulting a compact unity by pillar adhesion to resist from deterioration and cracking.