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DRILLING RIG COMPONENTS Drawworks • Top Drive • Power Swivel • Swivel • Hook Block • Traveling Block • Rotary Table • Rotary Hose • Air Hoist • Air Compressor • Rig Lighting • Engines • DOWN HOLE DRILLING TOOLS Down Hole Motor • Drilling Jar

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Oil Drill Head Ring! - This was an interesting project. An oil rig operator wanted this ring for his wife. He handed me a picture of a drill head and I made him this. The diamond studded three ball grinders actually rotate like in real life. I used 18K brilliant white and and

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Land Drilling Rig Working In The Field For Petroleum Exporation.. Похожие изображения Добавить в Drill Pipe, Kelly Hose For.. Похожие изображения Добавить в Лайкбокс #17432781 - Close Up of Man Legs Standing on The Rig Floor


The drilling fluid then travels up the Stand Pipe and Kelly Hose to the Swivel or Top Drive System (TDS), both of which suspend the drill string and allow it to rotate independently from the Kelly Hose. Overhead View of Mud Tanks and Mud Pumps.

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DRILLING TECHNOLOGIES Mud Casing Rig Hydraulics Bit Drilling Cementing Special (Directional, Compliions, Fishing etc.) Well Control 21. DRILLING OPERATIONS Operations involved in drilling a well are : – Rig Building – Spudding-In of the Well – Drilling 22.

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English: Oil drilling rig, simple illustration. Legend: 1. Mud tank 2. Shale shakers 3. Suction line (mud pump) 4. Mud pump 5. Motor or power source 6. Vibrating hose 7. Draw-works (winch) 8. Standpipe 9. Kelly hose 10. Goose-neck 11. Traveling block 12. Drill line

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10/13/20 12:26 AM 8th Sem: PPT : Elective-III 14 Fig.1. shows a typical large land rig with a drilling mast. On loion the mast is usually set upon a substructure 8 to 40 ft (2.4 to 12.2m) high. The older standard is the familiar four-legged structure that had to be completely disasseled every time the rig was moved (or else left in place over the well).


RIG FLOW 3000 KELLY HOSE Part No. I.D. O.D. Max W.P. Minimum Burst Pressure Minimum Bend Radius Weight (in) (in) (mm) (psi) (psi) (in) (mm) (lbs/ft) RF3000-40 2Z\x 3.35 85.2 3,000 12000 25.98 660 5.13 RF3000-48 3 3.91 99.4 3,000 10000 29.53 750 6.07

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Mud hose definition: Also called kelly hose or rotary hose. See rotary hose. Circulation system The complete, circuitous path that the drilling fluid travels. Starting at the main rig pumps, major components include surface piping, the standpipe, the kelly (rotary

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Drilling Rig & Parts Workover Rig Land Drilling Rig Offshore Drilling Rig Components Mud Pump & Parts Solid Control High Pressure Hose Downhole Tools Drill pipe HWDP Drill Collar Stabilizer Kelly Hole opener & ream Drilling Jar Drill Bits OCTG Line Pipe .

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Modern rotary machines have a special component, the rotary or master bushing, to turn the kelly bushing, which permits up and down movement of the kelly while the drill pipe is turning. Standpipe: A rigid metal conduit that provides the pathway for drilling mud to travel about one-third of the way up the , where it connects to a flexible hose (kelly hose), which the connects to the swivel.

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27/9/2020· A rotary hose is used in oil well drilling. It acts as the crucial instrument in the connection being made between the standpipe and the swivel. A rotary hose is also used as a means of permitting the kelly to be either raised or lowered through the drilling process while also allowing the drill bit to be raised with the drillstring.

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Kelly Bar for Drilling Rig Kelly Bars Casing System Single-walled casing Casing joint Double-walled casing Casing shoe Drilling Teeth Shield Cutters,TBM Cutters Te Construction Drilling Teeth Rotary Drilling Rig Parts Drilling Rig Parts For BG Rig Parts For D/W

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Rotary hose: A reinforced flexible tub on a rotary drilling rig that conducts the drilling fluid from the standpipe to the swivel and kelly. Also called the mud hose or the kelly hose


Drilling device in which a kelly is attached to a rotary table; with the help of powerful motors, it transmits the rotative movement to the kellys. rotary table Circular table that is moved by powerful motors; it transmits its rotative movement to the drill pipes by means of the kelly.

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Rathole A hole in the rig floor 30 to 35 feet deep, lined with casing that projects above the floor. The kelly is placed in the rathole when hoisting operations are in progress.* Rotary Hose The hose on a rotary drilling rig that conducts the drilling fluid from the mud


and hose connections. If rig is equipped with an air compressor, consider installation of an air primer system. Drill Stem: Inspect those threads. All of them! Kelly, subs, drill pipe, drill collars, and bits. Kelly to swivel sub may be LH or RH. If righthand, this

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Drill Pipe, Kelly Hose For Oil and Gas Exploration Drilling rig working on oil and gas wellhead platform. To drilling oil and gas well Close Up of Man Legs Standing on The Rig Floor.

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We supply drilling rotary hose according to API SEC 7K,and Kill hose and choke line hoses according to:API Spec. 16C / SY/T 5323-2003 standard.As a drilling mud system China manufacturer,many clients inquire us for drilling rotary hoses,Bumper hoses,Coflexip hoses,Chiksen etc.

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Fireproof BOP hose is resistant to fire, so it is mainly used in crisis working conditions. And it is also used to control hydraulic pressure of BOP in the drilling process. Cement hose is used to carry humid sand and concrete in the environment of very high pressure in …

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Drilling fluid is mixed in the mud pits and pumped by the mud pumps through the swivel, through the blow out preventer (not part of the circulation system) down the hollow drill pipe, through holes (Jet Nozzles) in the bit, up the annular space between drill pipe and wellbore (where it lifts the rock cuttings), to the surface, through the Solids Control Equipment (Shale Shaker, Desander, and

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Piling Tool Interlocking Kelly Bar Or Friction Kelly Bar For BAUER Rotary Drilling Rig Machine In Foundation Piling Construction $10,000.00 - $48,888.00 / Set 1 Set (Min. Order) Double Cut Rock Drilling Bucket For Bauer Rotary Drilling Rig $1,500.00 - $10,000 /

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Most of the accidents are in the rig''s area which is the very dangerous area and without safety this is so very risky that our employee will getting bad injured. So Important to us to make sure to check our safety for our employees at the rig''s area because the accident rate in …